Sarat Babu

I work on new ways physical products can perform through the convergence between design, manufacturing and materials brought on by increased digitisation. I've focused on developing new methods, processes and tools that we need to conceive, execute and scale the performances this confluence unlocks.

Currently I am based in London, where I previously worked for Alloyed as Chief Digital Officer. Alloyed was formed through the acquisition of my prior company, Betatype. Betatype built software tools to extend what can be designed and manufactured using additive manufacturing. We provided advanced design and engineering services to some of the worlds largest companies in a range of industries such as consumer electronics, medical and aerospace.

Prior to Betatype I co-founded and ran BREAD a product design consultancy with Andrew Brand. I also was part of the founding team behind Orthonika.

Additionally, I have been a Research Associate in the Medical Engineering group at Imperial College London and as a Senior Visiting Tutor on the Innovation Design Engineering course at the Royal College of Art.

For fun I like to take photos. You can reach me via e-mail or Linkedin.
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